Who Needs Another Dopey Kitchen Gadget?

Who Needs Another Dopey Kitchen Gadget?

So, I’m a big fan of, in fact, I love Barbecuing. We have two BBQ stations – one on the deck behind the house and one (smaller and portable) unit on the side of the guest house/office, (the office where I am right now, typing this post).


Typically I BBQ fish. Salmon Q’s up very well. Swordfish is a savory winner. Occasionally we’ll prepare shish kabobs, Q ’em up and enjoy a Spring or Summer afternoon meal. Now, I’m sure you’ve skewered your share of chopped onion, bell peeper, and poked a few mushrooms between the chunks of chicken or beef or fish over the years – then placed them nicely on the grill.


Has This Ever Happened To You?

During this process there are two problems that we encounter:


1) During the prep, assembling the kabobs, grabbing the chopped food in one hand and stabbing through it with the skewer held in the other hand presents two problems, a) rarely do you hit the center of the piece of food (creating a non-uniform kabob), then you have to re-stab it, resulting in a non-uniform kabob, and b) there is a chance you might stab yourself.


2) When you attempt to flip, or turn, the kabob the skewer turns but not the food. This problem has been solved with any number of two-prong-skewer offerings online and at retail.


A “Bobber” Is Born!

What about the uniformity issue? Perhaps the video below of the ‘Kabobber’ will prove to be a novelty kitchen gadget, but so was ‘Pasta Express’ – an acrylic cylinder with a cap on it, and by some measure it sold well on T.V. and landed in retail. So why not, I thought, create a novel BBQ product to make kabobbing fun… And that’s what I did, I built the prototype you’ll view in the video with an acrylic cylinder and two, ground and trimmed, automotive funnels – then I glued the funnels to the ends of the cylinder, and voila, the prototype for the ‘Kabobber.’


Where Can I Get Mine?

I’ll tell you in advance that I presented this, and another kitchen gadget, to two of the top ‘short form’ production companies in the U.S. They are both under consideration, so sit tight, you may be able to order one soon, or pick one up at Bed Bath and Beyond or the like!


Lights, Camera, Action!

I asked a friend of mine to be the talent and demonstrate the ‘Kabobber’ and in true ‘short form style, I think she did a fine job. We filmed this in my kitchen with a $250 Sony HD AVCHD digital camera. The tripod was a DAIWA DST-1. Then I edited the short video in my iMovie program on my iMac.


I note the process here because I want to impress upon you that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to build a prototype and get it ready for presentation.


I also know that this is not solid rocket fuel being discovered and many ideas may be costly to develop. The point though is to get that working model or prototype built and get it ready for presentation. Once you have the system in place ideas will flow more freely and have a better chance of seeing the light of day.


Ladies And Gentlemen… The KABOBBER! (Oh, and that’s me doing the voice over).








Image courtesy of Keattikorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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