When Seeking Advice

When Seeking Advice


I don’t begrudge anyone making a living and delivering a valuable product or service. In fact, I sell ideas, inventions, consulting services, get paid to speak and so on. Heck, I even sell one of my books. But what I don’t do is tell people what to do. I tell them what I’ve done, give them a template, advise them on that template then it’s up to them to implement – with my help of course.


Two Dangerous Words (Maybe)

There are any number of people that offer advice and opinion. But these are two things – 1) two words that mean two different things and, 2) two words to be wary of when someone is offering them. Someone who needs to satisfy their present time financial demands will offer you the world, or a six figure income, or best-seller status, or… Just so they can pay their bills. So, what does that mean…


Simply, they are looking out for their own best interest not yours, even when they proclaim ‘to be of service’ is their mantra, and suggest it should be yours.


If you’re in business to consult or sell courses with a predictable outcome, just say that. That is a fine and decent full disclosure presentation. Simple. Please watch for the language sellers of things use.


Here are examples of right and proper offerings and sound business models that deliver exactly what they promise.


Example One:

My good friend Jerry Corley runs his Standup Comedy Clinic in Burbank, California. Visit the link and you’ll see he is in the business of teaching comedy, plain and simple. Now, he does make a promise that you’ll write more jokes than the average comedian, learn the laughter triggers, and you’ll be on stage in front of an audience in an iconic Los Angeles comedy venue. And yes, he charges a fee; a low fee but a fee nonetheless.


I have been taught by Jerry and have performed in these iconic Los Angeles comedy venues.


There is no pretense here, just an offering. A great offering in fact from someone who has written for Jay Leno. If you want one-on-one coaching he offers that as well, but again, no pretense just a nice offering.


Jerry is an example of being the ‘embodiment of what he is offering.’ Being the embodiment of sound advice. Being the embodiment of a sound opinion. He is what is called, an Opinion Leader!



Example Two:

Please meet a colleague of mine. Bobbi McAlonen is the example of being the embodiment of what she is offering. Being the embodiment of sound advice. Being the embodiment of a sound opinion. She is what is called, an Opinion Leader!


Take a look at how you look at your current age. Think about how you want look in a year; five years; ten years. The opportunity for optimum fitness and nutrition is more available now than ever before, (well, Charles Atlas and Jack Lalanne had it fully together!).


If this is true, why are so many people out of shape, sedentary and just generally apathetic about nutrition, fitness and specifically how they present themselves? No judgement here, simply an observation.


I think you’ll agree that Bobbi has it together and is someone to look up to and appreciate as a model of what you may be pursuing 🙂


Feel free to engage with her as well, she’s there for you and has your optimal program!


bobbi mcalonen

bobbi mcalonen


 What To Look For

So, now here are the questions to ask. FIRST though, take a look at this person or people and see if they are the embodiment of what they are selling.


  1. Are they (the people giving the opinion/advice) qualified to give that opinion/advice and are they doing what they say they are doing?
  2. Are they making money doing that thing they are telling you to do?
  3. Are they making money selling/telling you what to do?


People give advice every day without ever having actually performed in the area being discussed. They may have never made any money by applying the advice they are giving you. They may have never actually performed any of the activities they are suggesting you perform.  They may simply be salespeople making money selling you something and getting a commission for their sales.  While there is nothing inherently wrong with this business model, just know that there are sales tactics being used on you that may (or may not) be above board.


The answers to the above questions are important when engaging someone in business. Finally, are they making money from the same activities they are suggesting you take or are they making money from selling you on the actions to take?


Action Steps:

  1. Recall and list out all the advice and information you have received regarding this project.
  2. List out all the books read, seminars attended, CD’s listened to and DVD’s watched.
  3. Find out if what all of these people are saying is the result of their successes doing what they are telling you to do.  (Did that real estate guru make his money from real estate transactions or did he get rich selling you a program?)
  4. Who or what is the source of the information you have received?


NOTE: It takes more products and more people to grow a business. You must find a way for others to make money from what you are doing, to succeed. To grow a business you need more products and/or more people, to buy and sell those products.





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