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Little Big Man

Little Big Man

As a father, I wanted to write a song that told a story—a story that would have an emotional impact on not just my boys, but on any father and son who would hear it. I have two wonderful sons, and my co-writer on this song, Nathan Osmond (who sings and plays keyboard on the song), has four great sons himself, so it seemed natural for us to write a song like this together.


My two sons loved the 1970 movie ‘Little Big Man’ starring Dustin Hoffman, and they watched it so many times they were able to talk along with the dialogue. I had this hook swirling around in my head and, after several Skype sessions with Nathan, I traveled to Provo, Utah to record this song with Nathan and the band.


This song is slated to be on one of Nathan’s next albums so I can only give you a 30 second sample. Enjoy!



Nathan Osmond in soundbooth

Nathan Osmond in a sound booth


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  • I loved reading this post!! Let’s write some more hits brother! 😉
    All the best,
    Nathan Osmond

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