“The Law of Attraction” Explained – Finally!

“The Law of Attraction” Explained – Finally!

Money Flows to Those Who Attract Attention!

More on this most important point below…


However, this one statement says it ALL! Money DOES flow to those who attract attention 🙂 Spread the word!


There are many thoughts about how to ‘attract’ things, people and money into your life. There are people on seminar stages selling their approach and movies about the subject of attraction…

The simple truth is it’s as simple as magnetism – electromagnetism.


The Law of Attraction?

I know it’s been years since ‘The Secret’ came on the scene. But I had the urge to look into the natural law of how we attract things, and as it turns out we don’t get what we want by intending things into our lives.


Rightfully, many stars of ‘The Secret’ are still going strong and teaching what they teach. But as we’re in the physical universe I thought it an interesting study on attraction, electricity and magnetism. So I looked at it from a physical universe thing, not an intention thing.


No need to use pseudo-science, fancy words (here’s an example from Chopra “Phase-locking” – WHAT!)  One doesn’t need to enter the ‘woo-woo’ world to get what they want. So, you’re in luck.


A Deepak Chopra Segment… He Gets Owned!


Do You Visualize?

Yes, I visualize. Yes, I meditate. Yes, yes, and yes to all the other attendant activities required to get what you want. Or, if you wish, have that thing or person, or money appear! Oh, and I even have a vision board 🙂 So yeah, I get it.


The Rest of The Story!

We owe the discovery, the explanation actually, of what we call attraction (some say magnetism) to Hans Christian Ørsted.


On April 21, 1820 Hans noticed something while giving a lecture. Orsted noticed a compass needle deflecting from magnetic north when an electric current from a battery was switched on and off, confirming a direct relationship between electricity and magnetism. (Thank you Wikipedia).


Where you have electricity you have a magnetic force. So it should follow that the more excitation there is the more magnetism you have.


Work? Not That!

As you’ll see though, there is work to do. And you’re in luck because the actual physical laws of the Universe are on your side. But, it’s not how we’ve been fed the notion of attraction in the motivational space, and the likes of Oprah. It’s much more fun and interactive! 🙂 You get to take an active roll in the process.


Science… Yuck!

Attraction is all in the physics. It’s in the natural order of things. Attraction does, however, require something of you. Something beyond thinking, wanting, hoping or intending.


What are We Humans Made of and What Powers Us?

We humans are carbon based electric beings functioning from two sources of power – nutritional energy and electrical energy.


Finally, the Answer!

Money flows to those who attract attention. The way to attract attention is reach a high level of electric excitation, thereby developing a higher magnetic force. That simple. Just not that easy.


Depending on how much of something you want; who you involved with you; various levels and focus of electrical excitement are necessary.


There are times you need to dial the excitement down, or dial it up.


Be crystal clear on who, what and where you direct that. And of course, when and how you express the excitement.


There you have it 🙂 It’s a measurable process, leading to predictable results.



Stringing together a lot of words, mixing science words with psuedo-science mumbo-jumbo and insisting one’s position is correct, or that a person should accept an argument or opinion because the argument or opinion is repeated, sometimes insisted upon, and sometimes ‘vetted’ simply by having a group of followers say it’s so, does not make it true.


Let me say, I think it’s great that people have these concepts to hold on to and apply, presumably making them happy. However, it should be very clear that I prefer an objective approach as opposed to the subjective.


There is comfort in numbers; comfort in agreement; comfort in something that doesn’t have a concrete platform because then there is a malleable nature to thought and ideas.


If that works and measurably moves you toward your goals, then more power to you!




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