Scott speaking at an event in 2013 (casual Friday!)

Scott speaking at an event in 2013

I am told that I am an engaging and entertaining speaker.  I can’t personally vouch for that, but I can say that I am frequently in front of a microphone, and I am always asked back.


I have a wide repertoire of original material that goes far beyond the usual “motivational” fare.   Material can be tailored to suit any “audience” or time frame.  Please email if you have any questions or requests.



Short form — 15 minutes – 90 minutes

(lectures, keynote speeches, addresses, demonstrations,  etc.)


Long form — 4 hours to 40 hours
(workshops, seminars and classes)


Comedy — 3 minutes — 30 minutes
(toasts, roasts, stand-up routines, monologues, etc.)






This is a broad subject, but sample topics include:


  • Knowing which ideas to run with
  • The importance (and creation) of prototypes
  • Protecting your ideas
  • Submitting your ideas – how to do it (and the biggest do’s and don’ts)
  • How the money works and what you can and can’t expect




Again, this is a broad subject, but sample topics include:


  • Leveraging hobbies into money makers
  • Resources (assessing, predicting and developing)
  • Sustainability
  • Risk/reward management
  • The perils and perks of allegiance
  • Marketing strategies — the good, the bad and the ugly



Decision making:


Using the “Survivial Quadrant” chart to analyze all the factors/emotions surrrounding a decision; this helps you make WORKABLE decisions and guards against decisions that work against your values or beliefs.



Life “creation”


Seeing, planning and creating your “next level”;  leveraging the familiar and unfamiliar to bring your life closer to where you want it to be



Planned (and early) retirement:


How to retire early into a life you love.





The power of story telling; eliciting the emotional response to persuade people through storytelling




There is no one “single” audience that Scott typically addresses.  Because there is a little bit of an inventor in all of us, even if we are are only “inventing” our future life, my material is applicable to a variety of audiences.  Some of the many audiences I have had the pleasure of addressing include:


  • Business groups, clubs and associations
  • Marketing and entertainment professionals and associations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inventors
  • Women-in-business associations
  • Networking groups and associations, including MLM  events
  • Students  (middle school, high school, college and vocational students)
  • At-risk populations (youth groups, correctional facility inmates, rehab, half-way houses, etc.)
  • Native and indigenous populations





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