Book: Invent That Now!

Invent That Now book cover


Get your ideas out of your head and into the marketplace.   Invent That Now, the definitive guide to the business (and art) of inventing, will answer all your inventing questions, including (to name just a few):

  • When to patent and when NOT to patent
  • Who “buys” invention ideas
  • How to get meetings with them
  • Do they want to see prototypes?
  • What kinds of licensing deals are standard?
  • Does it cost thousands of dollars to “shop” an invention?
  • How and when do inventors get paid?



Yes, you can find some of this information on this website, but the book contains much more information and details — see below the the Table of Contents.  Also, the chapter summaries make it easy to reference the 185 pages of clear and easy-to-read material.

Price is $19.95, but Amazon is (in November 2013) selling it for a buck less so get your copy today!



Table of Contents

 Part One

Chapter One – Got an idea?

Chapter Two – What road do I take to the market?

Chapter Three – How does one get an idea?

Chapter Four – How do I know if my idea is any good?

Chapter Five – What do I do next?

Chapter Six – Who is my customer?

Chapter Seven – Where are the people I need convening?

Chapter Eight – Why am I doing this inventing thing?

Chapter Nine – What Business am I in?

Chapter Ten – The big question – Should I file a patent?


Part Two – The Lessons I’ve Learned.

Lesson 1 – Adopt a jaded view of your idea – even while loving it

Lesson 2 – If someone has their hand out, run the other way

Lesson 3 – Don’t blow your wad on any one product; it’s a numbers game

Lesson 4 – Don’t quit your day job

Lesson 5 – Leave nothing to the imagination

Lesson 6 – There is no substitution for your passion

Lesson 7 – The big guys can be your friends

Lesson 8 – Distribution is everything

Lesson 9 – Exposure is also essential

Lesson 10 – Don’t be a control freak