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Here, I sell my upcoming book, Invent That Now, T-shirts and Pass it On DVDs.  For phone or Skype consultations, go here.   For workshops or classes, go here.   Also check out the books on my Recommended Reading page.










Invent That Now book cover


Invent That Now

Invent That NowPre-order your copy of my new e-book, Invent That Now. Due for release on 31 July 2012, but will be emailed to you the minute the editors have finished with their editing magic.  Click on the book to buy it and/or for more information about it.

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Pass It On DVD


Pass It On

I made this DVD, together with Greg Reid and many other fine people, back in 2007/2008.  Click the DVD cover for more information or to buy it.


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Pull My Finger T-shirt



Fartopia T-Shirts

Just for the fun of it, I created my website back in 2011.

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