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Red telephone boothPick up the phone!

Have a question about inventing?  Want to know how to develop a particular idea?  Can’t attend workshops or classes, or can’t wait until then?  A Skype or phone consultation may be just the ticket.

Calls are billed in 15 minute increments with a minimum of 45-minutes for a first time caller.  And at only $40.00 per 15 minute increment, they are an affordable way to solve your inventing or entrepreneurial concerns.

If you have a webcam or smartphone, you can choose Skype or Google+, so it’s almost like meeting in person.  Plus, if you use Google+, you can record the video-call for later reference.


  • The focus is entirely on you and your question — you don’t have to share Scott’s attention with other classmates.
  • By scheduling the consultation in advance (a minimum of 24 hours in advance), you give Scott time to review your particular question or situation, resulting in more in-depth responses to your concerns.
  • Unused minutes are kept on account, so you always get your money’s worth.


How it works:Telephone receiver
  1. Fill out the following form to request a phone/Skype consultation.
  2. Schedule the call.
  3. Pay for the call (all calls are pre-paid). When the call is scheduled, you will be sent a link to pay for the estimated time for the call.
  4. Have the call and get your questions answered.


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