Remember To Look Back!

Remember To Look Back!

“Don’t Look Back” Is Nonsense

If you ever see or hear these words – “Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way” – run the other way because that is probably the worst advice you will ever receive in business and life!

[I do get the sentiment of the phrase – ‘Run toward what you want, not away from what you don’t want.’ But throwing these memes around can set people in ‘off’ directions wondering why they landed where they landed]

Though it might be a bit dramatic to say, this advice – should you follow it – might be stopping you in your tracks. And, in fact, setting you back in your pursuit of bigger and better things.

“But how can that be” you ask, I saw that meme on facebook?” Or, “I heard it in a seminar room.”

And of course, in the movie “The Sandlot” you bet “Benny the Jet Rodriguez” was looking back to see if “The Beast” was gaining on him. Remember though, Benny was clearly not going back, he was jetting himself forward – his life depended on it… Ultimately we saw that all The Beast wanted was company and someone to play with – though in real life it wasn’t quite that way.

I’ll soon be posting excerpts from my latest book – “Jump That Fence” – so you can see what really happened… Because that incident really did happen 43 years ago! 🙂

More on that next time. For now I’ll get back on track.

Two MAGIC Questions 🙂

I developed two questions sometime ago that help to orient you and organize your thoughts regarding where you are and how to get to where you’re going, or want to go. They are going to sound very familiar because of at least two points… 1) They will immediately seem self-evident and, 2) If taken seriously and actually asked and answered, you will have a list of items that, if organized properly, will set you on your way to your preferred state in life. Then of course, when you arrive at your new destination and develop new wants and desires you can ask yourself the same questions, because your horizons will have expanded.

  1. What are the conditions under which things are not going well – uncomfortable – (or not optimal)? Clearly answering this question requires reflection/review. Dare I say “looking back?”
  2. What are the conditions under which things can go well and/or move things in a forward direction – at the very least in the direction I want to be moving?

Review, Review, Review – Always!

One of the most important practices of a business is looking at, then, reviewing past activities. Isn’t THAT looking back? This review action tells you what has worked and hasn’t worked. This review results in finding out whether or not your past activities have created a plus or minus in life and business.


This is an interesting subject. Books have been written. Seminar rooms full of people wanting to be able set and hit that goal or goals – whether financial, health and wellness or relationship goals.

I, like you have set and missed, met or exceeded goals in life and business. Think about the next point, all three categories have something in common.

Whether we miss, meet or exceed a goal, we all have something in common – a desire for an upward trajectory. That’s right, we always want more regardless of where we land.

THE Reason To LOOK BACK (Review):

Simply put: How will you know what worked and what didn’t? Only then can you ‘course-correct’ and get back on track.

And for the things that are working, you want to pump up those activities. For those activities that are not producing, you have to determine whether to drop them or massage them into service – perhaps the tools or materials weren’t applied properly, or you and/or an employee didn’t fully understand an action or implementation protocols. You only know this through review.

In any case, determine what is not working and kick it out.

Life and Business…

The simplicity is we know to keep doing what works and STOP doing what doesn’t work.

In business we know to stop wasting time and money on things that are not working – or at the very least correct course when needed.

In life (relationships, both friendly and intimate) we know what is working and what isn’t. Typically we stop doing those things that create upsets and build up those things that add to the relationships.

So, What To Do?

Take a look around, decide whether or not you’re getting the results you want, then either keep on doing what you’re doing and pump that up or stop and get help. But this all depends on you looking back and reviewing activities.

Oh, and reviewing the the Two MAGIC Questions above! 🙂

All the Best, Scott!


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