Quotes of The Day… Hmmm!

Quotes of The Day… Hmmm!

Are They Important?

They can be 🙂 It all depends on what you do with them. Because in-and-of themselves the quotes that pop up in your email or as a facebook feed, don’t mean anything out of the context from where they were drawn.


Taken on their own they generally fall into the status of ‘Platitude.’ A platitude is “a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.” 


You must admit, there does seem to be a rotisserie of ‘sayings and quotes’ out there. The memes with these quotes are everywhere, in fact I get more out of looking at the images the quotes are laid over.


Motivating and Inspiring

While they may motivate and inspire, and they can, the trick to fully embrace and get any power they hold is to “Build a Context” around them. This way they’re yours.


Once you build that context you own it! And you tend to take to heart in the things you own.


I’ve recently completed “A Handbook on Inspiration and Happiness” so even I’m into this on some level, but I drill deep on each subject definitionally. These words mean things. Please consider less abstract and more objective. Try not to believe in things on bad evidence, it will help accelerate your entrepreneurial pursuits!


Caveat: There are business leaders (see a great example in video below) that have a lot to share and most make it a point to pass along advice, concepts that help them, management styles and so on. This is sound and following them can be powerful, but again only if you take their lead. Even then, it all depends on you being a good student and having the ability to implement sound concepts. You have to get out of your head on this stuff.


I’m fully aware folks get a lot out of these belongings and experiences. Community, a feeling of purpose, and the hope of a fruitful future.


Ponderables & Directional 🙂

So, what should we look for and embrace? “I like those fuzzy, comfy words on my screen, they give me hope.” I believe that’s a poor approach to life and business. What I suggest you look for are ACTIONABLE items. Whether from an ‘Opinion Leader’ or you developing them alone, or via mastermind activities.


Action literally means ‘something done.’ In my opinion there is nothing more important than ‘getting something done.’


Here’s a place to start Yoogozi.com


Here’s the welcome video introducing you to the brain behind this site, Larry Broughton! (In full disclosure, Larry is a very good friend of mine.)



Many very cool opportunities are in front of you. Many opportunities require requesting help, but remember help is not a weakness. Keep in mind that there are opportunities swirling around you and your responsibility is to prepare yourself to see them.


Give Larry’s site a look and see that his purpose is truly to associate with, and help develop high achievers and LEADERS!


There are many things to ponder and these quotes and memes we see may be some of them. But be careful, develop a keen sense of observation and find your direction, and those who’ll help fine tune that direction 🙂






Featured Image courtesy of Rawich at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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