In chronological order:
Radio Flyer Wagon



When I was seven or eight, I invented and built a prototype for a flying version of the popular Radio Flyer wagon.  The flying wagon was never patented or manufactured, but it did appear (and disappear) in my brother’s 1992 blockbuster movie, Radio Flyer.






Power Coil golf training aid


Power Coil golf training aid, also originally called the Leg Leash.  This invention was sold outright to a golf product manufacturer and is still being sold online and in boutique stores today.







AF1000, a device to help chiropractors rehabilitate patients with PNF techniques.  We manufactured only a limited number of products, but the item is still in use in at least one chiropractic office today.





BodyBow packaging



The Body Bow, a handheld fitness device that I licensed to an informercial company.  The product went on to sell seventy-nine million dollars in worldwide sales.










knife used on Ron Popeil infomercial



Two slicing and chopping knives, one of which you can see in some of the Ron Popiel knife infomercials from this time period.







JetFlex handheld fitness



Another handheld fitness device called the Jetflex.








Acupressor Massage Gloves


Accupressor massage gloves.  Still sold here and there on and other places on the web.  This is a very cool product, and I think I will reinvent it (improve it) and get it rolling again.







Everlast Cush Up Blocks


Cush Ups — a foam-block device for push-up exercises.  This product helps exercisers maintain proper wrist position.  It also allows exercisers to do all kinds of different push-up exercises.  (This product was first manufactured and distributed by me, and then I licensed the product to Everlast Fitness.)






Pass It On DVD



Pass It On movie.  I co-produced and co-starred in the movie.  The movie was a grassroots sequel to the movie, The Secret  to promote the idea that you need to take action to achieve your goals.







Lessons I've Learned booklet

2008 :

Wrote the booklet, “Lessons I’ve Learned,” which sold out of its initial print run.  This booklet is currently being revised and included in my new book, Invent That Now.







Personal Development Magazine


Co-founder and contributing editor of Personal Development Magazine.  A truly gorgeous magazine that not only achieved national distribution in bookstores, but also won the 2009 Maggie Award for best digital version of a magazine.  Sadly, it came to an end in 2010, in part due to conflicting distribution and editorial policies.







Entrepreneurial Compass


Entrepreneurial Compass handbook and program.  This is a workshop style program that I’ve taught to Native American Indians, private clients and to various prison populations. I’m currently developing this program as an online program (so anyone can learn the principles).  Meantime, nearby Taft prison (in California) continues to teach this program to help inmates turn their entrepreneurial skills to something other than crime.


2010/2011: website.  I work on this project (very part time) as a comic relief to the more serious sides of life.   Stop by the website and purchase one of the T-shirts!




My "monkey bars" in the background on the Biggest Loser set


Top Trainer brand suspension trainer, briefly seen on The Biggest Loser Season 8.  More long-lasting was the giant exercise station (complete with monkey bars) that I designed and built for the set.  It’s still there, four seasons later.




House Call Coach logo2012:

Co-founded House Call Coach, a coaching/consulting methodology that comes to you. logo


Encyclovidia,com, a website that composites videos from all over the web.  Usually, search engines just spoon feed you videos from whatever video service they’re affiliated with.  Or, you have to go to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video hosting website and search there.  In other words, there isn’t a “video search engine” that checks ALL video sources on the world wide web.  Encyclopedia is my answer to the video search dilemma.  It is still in development, but the genus is currently alive and functioning at



Invent That Now book cover


In addition to working on a dozen other projects (see my Current Projects page), I am releasing my book, Invent That Now,  a nuts and bolts guide to the process of protecting, pitching and monetizing your ideas.