Power Plant Golf

Power Plant Golf

I took the Power Plant Golf training aid (prototype) to Chevy Chase Country Club in Glendale, California and had a great meeting with Golf Pro Rick Sessinghaus. Known as ‘Golf’s Mental Coach,’ Rick is one of Golf Tips Magazine’s top 25 golf instructors.


The purpose of the meeting was to get Rick on board with developing the ‘training programs‘ for the Power Plant – a product is hard to sell without a program attached to it, so having a program is essential. Think program, program, program.


Scott and Rick Sessinghaus

Scott and Rick Sessinghaus

We went into the outdoor practice cage and went to work.  After 45 minutes of demonstrating and drilling with the Power Plant, we shook hands on a well done meeting. He loved the name Power Plant.


A success all around, he loved it and agreed to help develop the programs.


Richard Cheung, Director of Sports Medicine at So. Cal. University of Health Sciences is also on board as the product relates to the clinician and will be used as a postural screening device for golfers.


BIG news coming soon about a huge buy-in from one of the leaders in golf performance.


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