Pitching my golf product

Pitching my golf product

San Louis Obispo, California, is the home of Chuck Liddell,, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, the birthplace of Zac Efron, and the business location of The Golf Agency.

I arrived exactly nineteen minutes late for my meeting at 11:00 am with Mike, the co-owner of The Golf Agency, an informercial production company for (obviously) golf related products.

I was pitching my “Power Plant” golf training aid product, which stabilizes your lower body during a golf swing. I invented this product several years ago, and it’s a perfect product for a long-form (30 minute) informercial.

Prototype for the Power Plant, a golf-swing product

Prototype for the Power Plant, a golf-swing product

But, as of  January, 2013, the Golf Channel is not running any more long-form (30 mintue) informatials — just 60 second and 2-minute spots. So how do you sell a product that might need 30 minutes in 60 seconds?  Answer:  You stick it on a website, attach a name to it, and sell it through web affiliates.

So I asked Mike, “Suggestions?”  And Mike said, “With your permission, I’ll introduce this to _____.”  (A PGA Pro player at the Masters — name omitted for privacy reasons) .

Mike and I had a great meeting, and hopefully, ______ (un-named gofl pro) likes the product too.

And by the way, this is the life of an inventor — driving 3 hours (or twenty hours) for a 30 minute meeting.  As I always say, Show Up and Follow Up.


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