People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards


“Inventors Society of South Florida Names 2014 People’s Choice Awards.”


Leo Mazur, President of the ISSF presented the People’s Choice Awards during the May monthly meeting of the Inventors Society. According to Mazur: “Although it was a close competition, the three winners were in my opinion, the best of the best. Each of this year’s winners are people of vision and unrelenting persistence. Their inventions are clever products that exemplify the saying ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.'” Here is a link to the full article.


Why, Why, Why Is This Post Important?


I think Leo Mazur is correct and this may be an example of a ‘palm-to-the-forehead’ moment for you. In other words, when you see these great products you may say, “shoot, I had a similar idea not long ago…” or something to that effect. In any case these three winning inventors, in fact all the inventors involved in the competition, did something most people don’t do… They DID something with their ideas.


These inventors took steps 2 and 3 of the three step process of getting these ideas out of their heads and into the marketplace. My experience is that usually people want to jump from step 1 directly to step 3 (the three step progression is listed below). It doesn’t work that way – there is a sequence to things, including developing an idea and getting it to the marketplace AND winning the ‘People’s Choice Award.’


Is It That Simple Scott?


The short answer is, yes, it is that simple. Just not very easy. It’s when simple and easy collide, that’s where the magic is – it’s a perfect storm of sorts. Here’s how it works:


First understand, initially at least – ideas are a dime a dozen and the only thing that makes your idea special is that it’s yours. Here are the three steps to developing and launching a product, with a few comments about each step in the process:


1) Get the idea.

This may sound easy and it usually is. ideas hit us every day but we don’t do anything with them. As an exercise try this – observe yourself and others performing daily tasks and find a way to make them easier or more pleasurable.


2) The embodiment.

Build a prototype or working model of the thing and use it. Watch others use it, fine tune and tweak it until you get what you want. Until it works as you intend it to.


3) In use as intended (being manufactured and distributed to the end user/consumer).

This is where, as they say, the rubber meets the road. Find the top three to five distributors (manufacturers in some cases) and present the thing to them. This step can take a while. It may require you to travel to corporate offices, attend as expo, convention or workshop. You may have to submit online. In any case you have to meet the people/person in an organization that can say yes or no to your product. Obviously, you want to research the companies to know that your products belongs in their line-up, but when you do find the company with the right fit the conversations are pretty simple.


Earth – Shattering Developments!


Are any of the following ‘People’s Choice Award’ winners products earth-shattering? Who am I to say, or anyone else for that matter… What I do know is that these inventors had an idea, developed the idea and launched it! And believe me when I tell you, although I’ve not met any of them, it ROCKED their world. And they’ll continue inventing because, this I do know for sure, it is a RUSH to see your product being sold online, television, and at retail… It NEVER gets old 🙂


They certainly did accomplish one of the follow tasks:


They solved a problem, or they filled a need, or they fulfilled a dream… One thing for sure is that their products were able to be manufactured and sold at a profit, which is really the first consideration when wondering whether or not to develop an idea in the first place.


Here are links to the top three products. And I’ll bet you’ll say one of two things… “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I thought of that recently!”


For you outdoorsy/beach folks: 


For you pet/dog lovers:


And one for the women and their makeup:


Now What Scott?


First let me know if there is anything you need help with in the inventing world.


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