Natural Law and The Entrepreneur! NO Secrets…

Natural Law and The Entrepreneur! NO Secrets…

Complete Disadvantage as Humans…

Is entrepreneurism in our DNA? Well, I’m afraid not, but as I write below, there is hope. We can go through an ‘Entrepreneurial Genetic Mutation.”


Lower Life Forms “ADVANCED?”

How do we explain lower life forms and non-thinking things performing with such precision? After all they are lower life forms. I think we can learn a lot from looking up, down and all around; we live in a three dimensional world so why not take advantage of all the lessons that surround us everyday that mostly we take for granted? We may find we save a lot of time, money and frustration as we move to our leisure years. All in pursuit of that life of ‘Recreation’ we all seem to be chasing.


We humans have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to making the most of our productive years.  The average age that a child leaves home is 27.  A baby bird on the other hand leaves the nest in three to five weeks.


As a comparison anyone born in 2006 can expect to live to 77.5 years and the life span of most large birds is 30 – 70 years.  So what, you say? Well here’s the thing, I would bet there is more doing than thinking going on inside that nest. A lot of mentoring and observation. The bird and other baby animals follow the natural progression of being born and learning from its parents the life skills necessary to make a competitive go at it in the shortest time possible, only then to be kicked out of the nest having to put their well trained skill set and sense of observation to work.


In the case of big cats, they teach their young how to hunt and other life skills during the two years they are together, then the youngster leaves.  In both cases the young are prepared as soon as possible to take on the world. Well, in their case, take on the wild 🙂


What if we made the most of the formative years of our children? Why not subject them to the rigorous chores, routines and duties that they will have to perform as soon as they leave the nest? It seems cruel to send them out unprepared, and even a bit silly to have them at home for twenty seven years. Besides getting up and off to school, washing their hands before and after a meal, are the young people of today really being prepared to leave the nest?


And when, as an adult, we want to make career or business changes are we equipped with the skills to identify and gather the necessary resources and implement them?


Two Quick Funnies! (Optional but Funny 🙂 )

I posted the following question in my status update on facebook – “What are you On The Hunt for in life?” Among many replies this one stood out, – “no hunting necessary the universe is conspiring to bring me everything I want, my job is to be a good steward and continue to sow into others.” Umm, O.K. I don’t get it but, O.K. I know what each of those words mean, but strung together in that order… What?


I saw the following status update – “Can’t think of a more peaceful easy feeling than…. ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT IS. Feels sooo good.” What if “WHAT IS” is a non-optimum condition? Now I understand the point the person was making here, but as a wholesale statement it seems that one could infer several things, and they’re not all good.


Not long after I started on facebook, during the production of ‘Pass It On,’ I, like you, was inundated by quotes and sentiments from ‘The Secret’ and how you can intend things into your life. In fact, that message is why we created ‘Pass It On’ in the first place. We wanted to present the Action steps to a life of abundance. Intention alone is futile. We all know that but somehow the feel-good message of thinking things into existence is intoxicating 🙂


Let There be Order!

Underlying this orderly Universe in which we walk around is chaos, that is the SUPER-micro nature of things, and it doesn’t matter whether we understand this micro on any level. So, all the talk about ‘quantum this‘ and ‘quantum that‘ isn’t necessary. Leave that study to physicists, please.


What we have to understand is, there is an order to the Universe at the macro level, this we can understand and is where our attention should be. After all, it is where we live and operate.  It’s not necessary to understand the micro (read ‘quantum’) level. As strange as that may seem sometimes, things do generally work. Water the grass and it grows, a foreign particle embeds in the oyster’s flesh and soon a pearl is produced. These are external influences that are causing change – water the grass (growth), an embedded particle or other irritant (pearl). Nothing abstract about it, simply concrete evidence of a causal force in nature.


Figuratively speaking we do the same thing every day. We open up our skullcaps, water, embed and otherwise allow all sorts of influences in. We might not like to take credit for what we let in and the ensuing consequences or results; but rest assured it was you that set the stage for the desired, or not so desired, outcome.


The difference is that nature happens on time, the schedule is pre-set, it’s in the DNA. It’s in the make up.


The real question then seems to be why is it so tough, so difficult, so (add expletive here) hard to get to where we want to go?


What is it about us humans that make our ascension up the the entrepreneurial ladder so difficult?


Us humans, entrepreneurs, simply weren’t built with the DNA to have an easy go at it. And if easy is the wrong term here, we humans, whether we like it or not, have a tough road to travel. Though we get sold the ‘simple’ in seminar rooms and online webinars, the road is certainly not easy.


Abstract Versus Concrete

Basing life and business decisions on abstract notions creates a faulty base to operate from. Evidence is all around us that a good solid foundation is an essential component to building anything that you want to last.


This status update on facebook helps explain how the abstract mind works, “Swirling about in the vortex–feeling appreciation, gratitude, love, acceptance. You know what that means is coming my way, right?” This is a nice warm fuzzy attitude but won’t result in getting the job done.


NOTE: And no, I don’t know what’s coming your way, and the truth is neither do you…


In nature, over time even the largest edifice may be affected by erosion. Chances are a life span will be long and fruitful when built on a solid base and with the hardest stone. There is an undeniable need for a strong, concrete foundation of thought in humans if we want our life and business to live long and prosper.


However, even the tallest oldest redwood has a comparatively shallow root base and is subject to falling in high winds after a prolonged soaking rain, in fact we are admonished to not walk around the base of the older trees because it is unsettling to their root base and could jeopardize their stability.


Why does it seem then that some people are willing to leave their fate to the abstract ideas and teachings of the feel good gurus? By understanding under the right conditions, a good stiff wind can knock over a 300 year history of growth, we should concentrate on growing deep roots in our communities and knowledge base.


Observation Versus Interpretation

If I asked you to tell me about the woman across the room you might tell me she is married.  I would ask, “How do you know she’s married?” You would proceed to tell me she has a wedding ring on her left ring finger, so of course she’s married.


The observation is that she’s wearing a ring on her left ring finger, and your interpretation is that she’s married. There is no telling from the ring that she’s married – but that she has a ring on her left ring finger is true.


The idea here is to develop a keen sense of observation as you either launch into or continue forging ahead in the entrepreneur space of business. The first rule in an investigation is look don’t listen. So, before buying into the next latest and greatest business opportunity or “secret” road to wealth take a good long look at what’s really there and who’s behind it.


I know one thing for sure, Mother Nature provides evidence all day long that there is an order to the universe and all we have to do is watch and learn and do something. Before you know it there will seem to be a natural order to your success.


Precious Gems, Diamonds in the Rough!

This bears repeating:


For a diamond to form naturally very specific conditions are required—exposure of carbon-bearing materials to high pressure under the right conditions is essentially what it’s all about.  So it is with the successful entrepreneur, he or she has knowingly or unknowingly at least accepted that we humans are carbon based (carbon-bearing) electric machines and that with enough pressure, under the right conditions and digging down deep enough, what will emerge is a diamond in the rough ready for polishing and marketing.


Diamonds that have come to the surface are generally quite old, ranging from under one billion years to 3.3 billion years old.


Admittedly we don’t have that much time in front of us so we had better get busy subjecting ourselves to the high pressure, heat and the all the other conditions that will produce a highly polished entrepreneur ready for the market place.


We are carbon based beings powered by electrical impulses. How hard we drive; the temperature and pressure we put ourselves under; that will determine how polished we are. It has been done, and can be done.



There are no secrets, no mystical forces abound that allow one to manifest by mere thought, it’s good old fashion nose-to-the-grindstone that gets it done. “Action” literally means something done, and after exhaustive research I find that if you want a desired outcome to manifest there is nothing more important than getting something done.


Being boldly honest and taking a good look at the non-optimum conditions in life and business allows us to then take a good look at the array of optimum conditions that exist, and then all we have to do is move toward them.


The play for your attention, for your dollars, for your blood, sweat and tears is a fix for the seller’s present time financial problems. Look, don’t listen and if it seems to good to be true it probably is. Nothing is iron clad, bullet-proof. We are always exposed to external influences. Do yourself a favor and start asking good questions and don’t buy on a panic or rush sales tactic. Look, look, look.



If someone is offering a valuable product or service, great. Simply fully investigate their motivations. Ask if they’ve made any money implementing this information they are selling. Or, are they making a living from selling this information.


DON’T be the solution to another’s present time financial problems…




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