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Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

In Another Life!

Many years ago in another life, called childhood, a friend and I dreamed up and built a game. We called it “Moxie Golf.”



ALWAYS own your domains in your own account because…


A few years ago I owned MoxieGolf (dot) com. It was held in my webmaster’s account. It was never renewed and I lost it. I am NOW my own webmaster. And I will be renaming this game! But maybe not because…


I just purchased IMoxieGolf, MyMoxieGolf, MoxieGolfNow and OriginalMoxieGolf. This might just do the trick 🙂


In This Life!

A few years ago I decided to revive that most awesome tabletop game, so I built probably the coolest game ever. It was a refinement of that game we built and played together as kids.


What I built was 48” X 48” and needed to sit on a table top or a set of saw horses in order to play. Everyone who saw and played the game loved it, and I still have the four original prototypes I recently built, in the garage… Gathering dust 🙁 But it’s soon time to bring Moxie Golf into the light again, though by another name that more clearly describes what this game is and does. They will be in homes across the country and perhaps the world.


table top golf

moxie golf prototype


Recently it occurred to me why this game didn’t go anywhere, why I never really pushed to manufacture it or get it licensed. It simply came down to its size. So I partially disassembled one of the prototypes and went to work miniaturizing the game. Allowing you to create your own course instead of fixed starting points and holes/goals.


I am starting the manufacturing of the table top version very soon. The portable version in the video below is set to go. I’ll be marketing and selling it early this year, well before my birthday, March 20, the first day of Spring!


In order to be Miniature Golf it had to have obstacles between you and the hole/goal – so I built them… Watch the video below, VERY cool!



Initially I pitched the game as ‘Miniature Golf on a Table Top.’ Now that its smaller, portable really, I could pitch it as “Miniaturized-Miniature Golf on a Table Top.”


After I made the game smaller and found the perfect sized carry bag, it hung on a peg for a few months.


moxie golf

moxie golf in bag


Now it’s time for this game to see the light of day. It has been forty two years since I first played, both winning and losing, but the fun factor has never been better for this game 🙂


People of all ages will enjoy playing. There are rules but expect that a whole new set of rules will be established for the ‘College Drinking Game’ set.




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