Making Better Choices!

Making Better Choices!

For a change of pace I asked my friend, Dr. Dennis Buckley to contribute an original article regarding our health and wellness. He addresses choices we make every day that directly affect our health. Click here to visit Dr. Buckley’s website and for contact information 🙂


We invent and re-invent ourselves every day through these choices. The question is, “Is there a path to follow to create a healthy, optimum life?” Fortunately the answer is ‘Yes.’ The following article takes a look at this issue from Dr. Buckley’s point of view, I hope you enjoy it.




It is said you can control your choices but you can’t control the consequences of your choices.


Every day you are faced with questions. What shall I wear? When should I leave? What should I eat? How should I respond? How am I going to fix this?


These questions lead to choices we make. The question arises, are we reacting or choosing?


Every day the ER’s across the US are filled with people having emergencies that were caused by poor

choices. Studies have shown that 70 to 95% of the problems people go to the doctor and/or ER for are

related directly to lifestyle. If this is true then the culprit and the cure are one and the same.


[Those Darn Baby Boomers!]


The US census bureau shows that people are living longer. The fastest growing segment of the

population is people over the age of 100 or centenarians. The greatest generation, those born from

1920 to 1946, are now known as the nursing care generation. They outlived their life expectancy by 2

to 5 decades. Not planning on living this long led to a host of problems which include physical, social,

familial, financial and emotional challenges.


The baby boomer generation and those that follow are being forewarned that they too will be living

longer than expected on average and it is time to prepare.


So what are we supposed to do? We can grow old and die or grow old and live. It is about the quality of

the years not just the quantity. There are many people alive today that died years ago and you see them

in nursing homes or hospice care waiting to die. Yes they are alive but not living.


Like I said earlier the cure is in lifestyle. Better choices, better chances, better quality and quantity of

life. The answer is not surprising in fact we all know what it is but we don’t apply it.


[What Do I Do Dr. Buckley?]


There are four things you MUST do to give yourself the best chances of maximizing your potential.

1. Exercise. Regularly and consistently with endurance, strength and structure activities.

2. Eat right. Put healthy things in your body including fruits and vegetables, lean sources of protein,

whole grains, legumes and lots of water.

3. Get proper rest. This is where your body repairs itself so getting proper rest is essential. Usually

when you exercise regularly and eat healthy, proper rest is a by-product.

4. The last thing may be the one thing you may not have thought about but it is as important

as the rest. Protect your spine and nervous system. This controls and coordinates all body

functions. To do this requires proper posture, exercise, proper weight and making sure your

spine is not misaligned and interfering with nerve flow.


One thing enlightened and healthy people are doing is consulting with a chiropractor on a regular

basis to make sure the spine and nervous system are working optimally. Exercising, eating right, and

proper rest along with corrective spinal adjustments are a winning combination to maximize the human



Of course there are other supportive activities that you can do. Don’t smoke, use alcohol sparingly,

avoid risky behavior, engage in meaningful work, be of service to others, be generous and patient and

make everyday a masterpiece.


[The Example Or The Warning?]


Yes it can be that simple. These things for the most part are easy to do but they are also easy NOT to do.

One of the best things you can do is to be the example for others of what a healthy life looks like. Be the example of what a healthy lifestyle is, not the warning of what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself.


In today’s economy and health environment you will discover that health does not come from an

insurance policy, the government, the doctor or luck, it comes from within and you have the greatest

control of how to express that which lies inside you on a daily basis.


Each day consider the choices you make. Make healthier choices and watch what happens. It may take

some discipline but if you want to enjoy life to the fullest you need to invest in yourself to the fullest.

“Discipline is getting yourself to do something you don’t necessarily want to do to achieve a result you

really want to get” – Andy Andrews


Take the time to discipline yourself and you will find the pain of discipline will weigh ounces compared

to the pain of regret which can weigh tons.


It’s your choice, make it work for you not against you.


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