Jump That Fence! – (1)

Jump That Fence! – (1)

It’s Done!

My latest book, “Jump That Fence” is complete with a coming 2nd version including others’ stories, discusses the three fences in life and why & how we jump some and not others.

The notion that we stay on the safe side is generally understood. What would it look like on the other side? We may or may not ever know, unless of course we arrive and navigate the unknown obstacles on the other side.

But, can we know the obstacles? I say “Yes.”

Thought Experiment…

In the book I present a thought experiment/exercise that presents the three fences. Here it is!

Three Fences in Life 🙂

Imagine walking up to a fence. We’ll call it Fence No. 1. You can’t see through or over it, but you hear rumblings, voices, clinging and clanging. It doesn’t sound all that inviting, so you decide to pass on it.

You now encounter Fence No. 2. Again, you can’t see through or over it. But there’s something inviting and even alluring about it. There is a peaceful light and calm sensation projecting from the other side. However, something just doesn’t seem right about this idyllic setting. After all, you’ve no doubt heard: If it seems or looks too good? It must not be true. You move on.

You end up at Fence No. 3. This fence is different from the other two. Its slats or boards aren’t tightly drawn. You can see through enough of it to catch a glimpse of people, places and things moving around and to hear a variety of accompanying voices and noises. Though you can’t quite determine which noises sync up with which images, you are captivated. Still, you don’t have enough information. You decide to pass on the notion of conquering this fence, too.

Cognitive Error

In life, there are only these three fence scenarios to choose from. You just passed on all of them.

What you did there was make a series of Type I cognitive errors (a term associated with statistical hypothesis testing) and arrive at a series of false positive answers. In other words, you labeled each potential experience as a bad or a dangerous situation and decided to say, “No, thanks.” You lived to talk about it – the fences you did not jump. It doesn’t matter whether you were correct or not, in passing them by. At least you lived to see another day!

Only Three Things to Do!

I should note that I was once told by a Gold Record and Grammy Award winning lyricist that there are really only one of three things we can do, when faced with a situation that’s either personal or professional. We can:

1.) Live with it,

2.) Change it, or

3.) Leave it behind.

More Coming!

I’ll leak more content with the hopeful thought that you’ll pick up the book at Amazon – the link will be coming soon.

All The Best, Scott


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