Inventing 101

Inventing 101

What do all activities, regardless of industry or category have in common? Simple, there are systems and processes to get from starting to stopping, finishing or completion. Inventing is much the same and in my book ‘Invent That Now!’ I describe the different systems I use depending on where I am in the development process to get from idea to development to market. And it all boils down to a series of steps.


In this rather short post I wanted to clearly state the series of steps an inventor takes to get their ideas out of their head and into the marketplace. Of course, the time necessary and nuances in any given industry may create a few stumbling blocks and extend the development time, but the following steps explain the process.


On page x of my book ‘Invent That Now!’ I say this:


“In its most simplistic form this is what I do:

  • I get an idea. 
  • I build a prototype or have it made.
  • I use the prototype and watch other people use the prototype.
  • I tweak it as needed and finally get a working model/prototype.


While doing all that, I’m researching who could best take the product to market. In other words, what top three-to-five companies distribute this type of thing to the end user? The answer to ask, and answer is very clearly, “Who can get this thing in front of as many eyes as possible?” Then I contact that person or company and present the product for licensing or sale.”


So, whether you’re getting in your car to go to work or run errands – or making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich –  there are a series of steps you take to accomplish these tasks and activities. And so it goes with inventing and developing ideas, it’s an active process.


Follow the five steps above, and repeat as needed… You might just be surprised at the results!


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