Go L – R – G

Go L – R – G

[QUICK NOTE: Bear with me here 🙂 After reading this post I see it might be a bit ‘preachy’ or ‘politically driven’ – it is NOT intend to be so. I will follow this up with a video post of a public event, hosted by the Community Foundation of the Verdugos, addressing the subjects below – Tuesday September 30, 2014. In the meantime enjoy the read and think about some of the questions asked 🙂 ]


Get On With It.


Picture this! A far left socialist, and earth scientist, from England (we’ll call him Jim) sits and talks with a conservative, sometimes skeptical, guy (that’s me) at a sushi bar in an affluent town in southern California (La Cañada), to generally catch up on things, talk about the weather, and where our resources are best spent – locally, regionally or globally…


Don’t Panic!


Many years ago I studied for and passed a test and became a licensed real estate agent in California. One thing that stood out was the point of ‘panic selling.’ It is illegal to panic sell… In other words, you can’t say to a home owner that property values are dropping because an ethnic family moved into the neighborhood, thereby creating a panic and listing their home for sale.


Politicians are really good at this, selling all sorts of policy with an urgency of now or never… in a ‘panic-sell’ sort of way. Global warming (climate change), immigration reform, finance reform, and the list goes on. This is all in very bad taste.


One evening while enjoying a sushi dinner with Jim, I asked him where our attention should be regarding everything from water, food, and energy. Is there, currently enough to go around? Who are the ‘haves and have-nots?’ Should we be sending our resources over-seas? What about this drought in California? Is man contributing to global warming (climate change)? What is man’s contribution to carbon emissions? The conversation was as good as the food. 🙂 🙂


And then of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him if it was true that ninety plus percent of scientists agreed on global warming, and man being responsible for it. His answer was perfect, not political, simply the truth… “SCIENCE IS NOT ABOUT CONSENSUS.”


Coming from a left leaning, self proclaimed socialist, this was exciting. As a scientist he has a duty to pragmatism. He has a duty to study and test data. He has a duty to NOT operate from opinion or consensus.


Scientific Method 🙂


It all starts with observation, then developing a hypothesis, then testing the assumptions…

Hypothesis: a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.


I am not a fan of political or religious panic-selling tactics, and I don’t believe the panic sell of global warming – I just don’t think we know enough about the issue, YET! It may be true that man contributes to it, but the ‘jury’ is still out… But, the jury is finally gathering data to decide.


Regarding global warming Jim put it clearly. There are two observations, 1) the planet’s temperature has increased over a period of time, and 2) man has been on the planet during that time. These two observations allowed for a hypothesis – man is contributing to (or causing) global warming as we know it today, and a direction to look. But now what? How do we gather the data to test this hypothesis?




On July 2nd, 2014 NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) launched the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 (OCO-2). Click on that link to read the mission summary.


Get To The Point Already… What The Heck Is L – R – G?


L = Local

R = Regional

G = Global


While we are, at times, admonished to think globally but act locally, it seems that some are more focused on the global issues, global implications of our actions, globally needed resources, etc.


Jim got around to answering the earlier question, “Where should our attention be focused?” He said first and foremost as individuals/families “We should be concerned about local water, local food, and local energy.”


Think about it… There are only so many resources. There are only so many growing cycles. There is only so much money. Etc. If at the local level we produced energy (wind, solar and other sources), if at the local level we provided for our own food, and of course if at the local level we were in charge of our water supply and usage, how would life be? Who would be in charge? On what basis would we make decisions?


The questions are many and sometimes it’s more convenient to look the other way, but remember that the quality of your decisions determine the quality of your survival.


Questions Unfold…


Who is more entitled to what you have than you?

Who or what should be taken care of first?

Where are our resources best spent?

Who should have first shot at our resources?


Video from the September 30th event coming soon 🙂


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