Earth Science, Sushi – Global Warming & The California Drought…

Earth Science, Sushi – Global Warming & The California Drought…

Unless you’re off-the-grid, or are under a self imposed news black-out, you no doubt have heard about the so-called mega drought here in California. Oh, and don’t worry, this is not post or a plea for sympathy from the west coast. 🙂


What it is, is a conversation of facts, ideas – what we know and don’t know, and what science is doing to answer the questions. “Is global warming contributing to the west coast drought?” “Is the anything we can do to fix the problem?” Etc.


Earth Science and Sushi.

Several years ago JPL Earth Scientist Dr. Michael Gunson and I met at a local sushi restaurant. It was a chance meeting but we had quite a conversation about what earth science is, and what he actually did at his day job. While it may be a ‘day job’ to him, it was fascinating to me. And I’m sure you’ll agree as you watch the videos below, that Michael’s job is fascinating.


Of course I asked him his position on global warming. At the time that’s what it is was called, global warming. Then it was changed to climate change. And as I understand it, at the 2015 climate conference this subject will be referred to as “climate disruption.”


Politics And The Weather.

In any case, this is an important subject. A subject that has clearly been adopted as a political football – for both sides actually.


During our sushi bar dinner/conversation I asked Dr. Michael what he thought about the claim that ninety plus percent of scientists agree that global warming is man made. He made himself perfectly clear, he was emphatic. “Science is NOT about consensus.”


However, there is data that show man’s contribution to green house gasses. The studies are ongoing – to determine just what our contribution is. We just don’t have the whole picture yet. The video series below answers some questions, asks some questions, and generally covers where we stand, both locally and globally, and where we should focus our attention.


Science is about making an observation(s), creating a hypothesis, and then testing the hypothesis to see if it holds up or is false. That is the stuff of science. Science is not about opinion.


The Event.

Michael and I decided to put on an event. An evening presentation to the local community and talk about the drought, what part man is playing, is the drought tied to global warming…


Thanks to La Canada high school science teacher Tom Traeger, the room was filled with high school students; several interested adults from the local area filed in as well. It took place September 30, 2014 at the La Canada Community Center, La Canada, California. Sara Cardine from the La Canada Valley Sun was in the audience and filed THIS REPORT!


It was all made possible by The Community Foundation of the Verdugos. Edna Karinski, the foundation’s CEO is a very good friend of mine.


Introduction And Background.

Video 1 of 8:


How Do Green Houses Gasses Work?

Video 2 of 8:


Change And Social Motivation.

Video 3 of 8:


Scaling Back Consumption.

Video 4 of 8:


Socio-Political Impact.

Video 5 of 8:


Where Should We Focus Our Attention?

Video 6 of 8:


Audience Participation And Q & A.

Video 7 of 8:


We Should Be In A Cooling Period…

Video 8 of 8:


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