Current Projects

Mad scientists creating a furbie

Out of the several dozen ideas that are sketched out in my notebooks, I am currently focusing on the following ideas:



Product:  The Power Plant


Fifteen years ago, I sold an idea for a golf training aid called the Power Coil.   While the product worked (and is still being sold in retail stores here and there), I came up with a vastly improved version of the product, which I call the Power Plant.  I am currently in negotiations with the The Golf Agency, an infomercial production company for golf related products, and hope to complete the licensing deal in the next couple of months.



Book: Invent That Now


Three years in the making, this book details what you need to know about preparing, protecting and pitching your ideas so that they can make money for you.  Yeah, you can get some (but not all) of this information by browsing this website, but the book is a handy reference that presents the information in a concise and easily referenced way.  This book is scheduled for release in the next several weeks.



Product:  Moxie Golf


(Can you tell that I like golf?)  Moxie Golf is a table-top miniature-golf game.  I am embellishing my already extensive prototype of the game, and will be meeting with various game companies this summer.



Book: Pacoima Days


Pacoima Days is the factual and funny (as in laugh-out-loud) account of my early years as the chief turnip and instigator extraordinaire of a childhood that took place behind the Los Angeles Foothill Department Police Station, just minutes from where they beat the late Rodney King to a pulp… but that was nearly twenty years after I lived there.


My brother, David Mickey Evans, immortalized many moments from our childhood in his blockbuster movies, Radio Flyer and The Sandlot, and I’m chronicling the the rest of the events in my book, Pacoima Days.


My literary agent, Margret McBride, also agent of the book, Youth In Revolt, is almost as excited about the book as I am.



Program: Entrepreneurial Compass


Currently running as an elective program in the nearby Taft Correctional Facility (prison), my Entrepreneurial Compass program isn’t just for the incarcerated… unless you consider yourself as “doing time” in your day job.


This program, which I am also developing as an online training program, trains your entrepreneurial “muscles” and teaches the concepts and mindsets necessary to success in commercial or non-profit ventures.



Class:  Post-Career Planning


As an adjunct faculty member at a Health Sciences University here in southern California, I deliver ‘(s)electives’ every term to students preparing for graduation. I deliver these classes with the director of sports medicine at the University, Dr. Richard Cheung.


Usually, between fifty and sixty students attend the fifteen-hour weekend class, students who are getting in some of their last classes before they venture out into the entrepreneurial world of practicing their craft—Chiropractic in most cases.


The class is called ‘Creating Your Future Beyond Your Practice’. The point of the class is to recognize two things and make them crystal clear – 1) Soon they will be transitioning from student to doctor, and 2) in about 20 years they will be transitioning from doctor to whatever is next, so they better start planning for it.



Website: is a humorous website devoted to gaseous emissions.  I work on the website (very, very part time) to give myself a welcome break from the more sensible things in life.



Website: Encyclovidia

As mentioned on anther page, is a website that composites videos from all over the web.  Usually, search engines just spoon feed you videos from whatever video service they’re affiliated with.  Or, you have to go to YouTube, Vimeo or some other video hosting website and search there.  In other words, there isn’t a “video search engine” that checks ALL non-x-rated video sources on the world wide web.  Encyclovidia is my answer to the video search dilemma.  It is still in development, but the genus is currently alive and functioning at

I work on the site very part time with a long-distance colleague, Erik  Nelson, a George Mason doctorate University student.





I bought my first album when I was twelve years old (with money I made from salvaging golf balls at a nearby country club).  It was a John Denver album, Back Home Again, and I’m such a big John Denver fan that I celebrate his birthday every year.


Nowadays, having survived the hair bands of the 80’s and the punk bands of the 90’s, I’ve returned to my country-music roots, peppered with a good dose of John Mellencamp rock flavor.


My current musical projects involve two songs, Little Big Man and Looking Glass, in collaboration with my friend, Nathan Osmond.  One of the songs is on Nathan’s next album, and I’m penning several others.



Stand-Up comedy


I’ve been a successful speaker for many years, but last year, I started doing stand up comedy.  So far, I’ve done three gigs at The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd., a private party and two gigs at the Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA.   I wouldn’t say that I’m the next George Carlin (not by a long shot), but I have fun.