Consumption & Are You Consumable?

Consumption & Are You Consumable?

Easy Math

I like easy math. After all, like many of you I attended public school. But I was, necessarily street smart – or let’s say ‘road trip’ smart.

I know there are over three hundred million (300,000,000) – 325,272,037 as of this writing – people in America, but I’ll use three hundred million for this exercise (again, for easy math).

NOTE: [The Key Question(s) is/are at the end of the this article/post] But it’s a pretty good read with a few cool factoids so please take a few minutes and enjoy!

Setting The Stage…

…A rolling stage traveling Interstate 80 from Pennsylvania, west to Boise, Idaho – our destination. I received a call from my mother and plans were organized.

Road Trippin’

2017, I flew from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – my mother drove to Philadelphia from Bradenton, Florida and picked me up at the airport as planned.

We paid thirty plus dollars ($30+) in tolls to get out of the ‘Keystone’ state. (Our dollars were consumed).

The expanse of farm and ranch land is amazing. Grain, corn, alfalfa – just an array of things soon to come to market – to be consumed. In fact my attention was being consumed – and it was special.

We passed Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana but couldn’t stop in because we were driving through a heavy storm. We passed the turn off Ronald Reagan’s birthplace; we flew by the sign directing us to “The Bridges of Madison County.” But, that storm prevented visiting and participating in things usually associated with a road trip. I switched attention and tried to enjoy the scenery as it flew past.

While looking out at the fields it struck me that we consume a LOT of food and other STUFF. It hit me that there were no cows out there. It hit me that a LOT of beef is consumed. Where were all the cows?

Hamburger Math 🙂

Where’s the Beef?

If half the population ate (consumed) a quarter (1/4) pound of hamburger every day that would be approximately thirty-seven and a half million (37,500,000) pounds of hamburger every day.

That does not include steaks, bacon, pastrami, fish, chicken, turkey, cornish game hens, eggs, etc. JUST hamburger. Oh yeah, the cornish game hen thing… See Below.

Jousting Times!

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas. That’s where it actually occurred to me (the Consumption thing) for the first time.

I’ll explain in the second person – a difficult way to write (don’t worry, I’m a trained professional 🙂 ) I want you to experience the power of the feast to come.

Picture this. You’re sitting with eight hundred ninety-nine (899) other people – your are one of nine-hundred (900) attendees at the “Tournament of Kings” in the arena being fed a King’s meal waiting for the Medieval jousting show; dirt stadium floor; horses; white knights on horses; black knights on horses; jousting is set and ready to begin; you are royalty and ready… Though in an uncomfortable seat in a “below-grade” Las Vegas hotel casino 🙂 What the heck, you’re in Vegas! – Baby!

The stage is set and here comes your feast. Not just your feast – a feast fit for a King for everyone in attendance.

The menu below is served roughly twice nightly, six (6) nights a week.

You are sitting with strangers. Those strangers are sitting with you, all consuming the feast. A miniature feast.

[Excalibur is the No. 1 purchaser of Cornish Game Hens in the United States. Since June 1990, approximately 6,700,000 hens have been served.]


STARTER = Dragon’s Blood (Tomato) Soup

DINNER = Cornish Game Hen, Stuffing Cake, Baked Jeweled Yams, Broccoli Trees

DESSERT = Holiday Apple Strudel (as of this writing the 2017 holiday season is upon you).

All this and a GREAT ninety-minute show for you and you only spent around forty-two dollars ($42).

You are served a meal on a platter and watch as the next server pour the Tomato Soup from a faded plastic pitcher. You are one (1) of eighteen-hundred (1,800) people that will enjoy the experience this evening.

You feel well served; well fed; fully entertained. You were at effect. You experienced all senses and emotions.


37,500,000 pounds of just hamburger a day is a lot of hamburger. 262,500,00 pounds a week, and that’s just the U.S. WHERE are all the cows? Here’s the answer.

6,700,000 hens is a lot of hens. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the vendor selling those tasty consumable beauties? WHERE are all the hens? Well, at least we know how many are consumed at “Tournament of Kings.”

Are You building a Consumable?

The question to ask is – “Are You Consumable?”

Can you distribute what you have to offer?

Can you deliver what you promise?

Can you even make a promise of an experience?

Can you regularly, on schedule, deliver the experience?

That’s all there is to it.

I’m not a reductionist – well kind of – but the point is to decide whether or not you, your idea(s), your business can be consumed at a rate that supports you and yours.

It really is that simple and as I like to say… Just NOT very easy.


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