“I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how great it was working with you at the event in Phoenix.  Isn’t it funny how important it is to always stay open minded and continually listen to different views and educate yourself on methods and systems.  When you were speaking about having benefactors it struck me how simple it really is to set yourself up to follow your dreams by having simple multiple streams of income supporting you.  I’ve always understood the idea of other people efforts but hearing your message helped me realize how important it is to keep it simple.  Thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

C.B. – Ventura, Ca.



“When I need a morning pick-me-up, I reach for a cup of java. But I have also been lucky enough to link up with Scott Evans for an actual pick-me-up life enhancer!

Helping me to find what motivates me personally has also been integral to keeping me going. For me, it’s being surrounding by photos of places I love. Find what motivates you. Write things down. I learned that from Scott, too. Though simple, and I have heard it from others before, it’s the guidance he provides that has helped me to actually take these steps.

The great thing about Scott’s work is that short of having him around as a personal coach, I always get something out of what he has written or from hearing him speak. And I believe that I can achieve my goals just as he did. Scott’s down-to-earth communication relates to where I am at in my work and life, keeping me on my path. The real examples that he provides enables me to apply and use same or similar steps and can be absorbed immediately or saved for use later!”

E.K. – Glendale, Ca.

“Thankfully, through a friend of mine I found someone I could trust, who had the knowledge and experience to help guide me through the daunting obstacle course of trying to make my invention a real product that people could and would want to purchase. His name is Scott Evans. Many people know him as ‘The Working Inventor’.

Scott has had a great deal of personal success with his own inventions, and is now passing on his wealth of knowledge to others who are trying to follow a similar path. It’s difficult to express just how valuable Scott’s advice has been to me over the past months. He has not done the work for me, and I wouldn’t expect him to. What he has given me is the right advice at the right time to keep me focused and moving forward in the right direction.

If you need help with your invention, whether it be a question about a specific aspect of the process or just some general advice, I would highly recommend Scott Evans as someone you can trust. He will tell you what you need to hear, not always want you want to hear, but he truly wants to see others succeed, and that makes him an incredible ally to have in your corner.”

Lane – San Diego, Ca.


“Recently I was privileged to attend a fantastic Tony Robbin’s seminar
that changed my whole perspective on what, when, where, and how I handle my life. I was feeling fantastic and on top of the world and with all that positive energy I attracted Scott Evans, who confirmed that I could and would overcome habits preventing me from becoming the person I knew I was meant to be.

Scott became my unconditional mentor and friend. Scott has given me advice, courage, and knowledge that will forever propel me forward. He always believed in me. He gave me the tools I was missing that have become a turning point in my life. I now wake up everyday deciding what it is that I need to do to make a difference in the world! I will forever be grateful to Tony and Scott for so willingly and graciously sharing their time, talents, energy, and knowledge; for encouraging great potential and tenacity that will help me succeed and continue on my path of passion. I now have the power and permission I need to take control, to be accountable, and to positively change my thinking process. I will never be that old person again. Thanks Scott! I will now live that “Ahh Haa” moment as I continue to move forward, believing and dreaming, then seeing those wonderful dreams fulfilled!”

J.B. – Ogden, Utah