scott_pink_shirt_large My name is Scott Evans, and I am an inventor, educator and entrepreneur based in California and Colorado.




I was bitten by the inventing bug at age 9 when I built my first prototype, a “flying” Radio Flyer wagon, later immortalized in the blockbuster movie, Radio Flyer.


After serving in the Air Force, I returned to my love of mechanical things and sold two inventions before my “lucky break” – a compact, portable gym called the BodyBow that grossed over seventy five million dollars in worldwide sales. I followed this success with thirteen more products – see my Products page.  In fact, if you’re a fan of The Biggest Loser, you can see three of my products – a suspension trainer (called the TopTrainer), the push-up blocks (called the Cush-Ups), and the huge metal structure with monkey bars, which I designed and built.


I have licensed products to Everlast, Gaiam, and The Media Group, and I have presented products on QVC, HSN, ShopNBC, and ShopAtHomeTV.


With seven new ideas currently in development, I consider inventing to be my primary career. Teaching, see below, is my second career.




I am a big believer in education, both giving and receiving. I read two or three non-fiction books a month and am always enrolled in classes of one kind or another. Currently, I am taking a series of online courses from various universities on the subjects of critical thinking and psychology.


As an adjunct faculty member at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, I co-teach entrepreneurship classes to health practitioners. I also deliver my own brand of workshops and classes on inventing/entrepreneurship — see the Classes section of this website. My students come from all walks of life – high school students, businessmen, entrepreneurial moms, Native American Indians, and even inmates of the California penitentiary system (my ongoing inmate program has graduated many entrepreneurs who leave the criminal life behind).


Although I recommend taking my classes and workshops, I also deliver consultations to budding inventors and entrepreneurs. I am currently working with the inventors of several exciting new products and businesses, and it is very rewarding to witness their progress.


I enjoy public speaking.  On the average, I give one or two keynote speeches a month plus as many smaller appearances as I can pack into my schedule.




Two blockbuster movies were based on events in my early life – The Sandlot (I was the real-life kid who went over the fence), and Radio Flyer (the character, Bobby, was based on my own real-life experiences).  My brother, the uber-talented David Mickey Evans, penned both movies and also directed The Sandlot.


In the 1990’s, I had a recurring role in General Hospital, as well as roles in the movies, First Kid, Beethoven 3rd, and Beethoven 4th.


In 2007, I co-produced and co-starred in Pass It On, a grassroots inspirational movie that co-starred many of the luminaries from the movie, The Secret. Pass It On sought to correct the misinformation that one could sit around and “wish” things to happen.




2008—2010, I was co-founder and contributing columnist to the magazine, Personal Development, which won the 2009 Maggie “Best Digital Magazine of the Year” award.   I am also the author of three books on inventing and/or entrepreneurship , and I am currently penning Pacoima Days, a laugh-out-loud humorous account of the real-life events behind the movies, The Sandlot and Radio Flyer.


Awards and recognitions:



  • Certificate of Recognition from the State Assembly of California.
  • Certificate of Recognition from the Governor of Nevada.
  • Proclamation from Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah.
  • Proclamation and Key to the City from Mayor of Fairfield, California.
  • Proclamation from Mayor of San Diego, California.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2007 Think Rich Network.
  • Maggie Aware 2009 Best Digital Magazine



Personal Life


I have two amazing sons, Christopher Evans (two-term Afghan war vet) and Randy Evans (businessman extraordinaire).  I have one grandson, Scotty Evans, the world’s most inquisitive kid, with a second grandchild on the way, due in June 2013.


In my spare time, I work out and pursue inner-fulfillment as a stand up comedian, musician and beer connoisseur.


Scott and Scotty

Scott and Scotty