2014 Wrap Up!

2014 Wrap Up!


I’d like to introduce you to three (3) clients that made quite a splash in their respective industries. From an innovative concrete washout system for the concrete industry to a revolutionary pet product that allows blind dogs to “see!” And finally, a man named Gary had an idea for a website that allows you to talk or sing a musical greeting card with a bed of music accompanying you.


Let’s get to it and introduce you to a few of my friends. I was fortunate enough to help them organize the various stages of their products and services. The system works!


Concrete is a Hard Business:

I was introduced to Les by a friend, Craig Valine, and after a phone call I felt I could help Les organize his thoughts and procedures to get his product over a few hurdles he was experiencing. Les insisted that he be allowed to both audio and video record our session.


Les is fearless. One of the most focused inventors I’ve worked with over the years. He’s a great student, he shows up but most importantly he follows up. More than anything else, Les is a good man, a good person, and has become a very good friend. Here is a video of his product, and please subscribe to his Youtube channel 🙂



Here is Les showing off one of his product lines that he’ll be exhibiting at the 2015 World of Concrete convention. This is a surprisingly large industry with 630,000+ net sq. ft. of indoor & outdoor exhibit space and over 1,300 exhibitors. Les will be one of those exhibitors. His business is booming! The system works.



Les’s new product Porta-Pit is truly an innovative product for the concrete industry. Check it out!


I Can See Again, Muffin’s Halo:

I realized what an obsession truly was when I met Silvie. Silvie is a special kind of person, she has so much love for her cause that she stopped EVERYTHING she was doing and focused on her one true mission – helping blind dogs (and other animals actually) to “see” again.


I met Silvie about 10 years ago. I was editing an infomercial for a new fitness product and she walked in looking for information from the editor I was working with at the time. We exchanged contact information. Then several yeares later she contacted me for help with a new pet product… A product that “restored” the vision of blind dogs. This was developed from a deep and burning need to help her own dog see again. This video explains:



I encourage you to subscribe to Silvie’s Youtube channel 🙂 I think you’ll find Silvie an AMAZING person, a driven person, a truly authentic person, and most of all an inspiration for all of us!


Record It Cards.com, Where Keeping in Touch Just Got Better!

I met Gary through a familiar friend, Craig Valine 🙂 (Craig introduced me to Les the concrete guy above). Gary had a great idea. I seldom give an opinion as to whether an idea is good or not, but I have to say that this is a great idea. An idea that has been developed and is now officially launched!


He ideated this in partnership with his nephew Ryan. They had the idea but weren’t sure how to proceed. I went to Gary’s home, met with him and Ryan, organized exactly what they wanted to do, then put a flow chart of actions to take to move forward, and they started. This video introduces you to Gary and he tells us what RecordItCards.com is all about.



There are several other people I’ve been working with. They’re progressing and meeting milestones. I’ll post those updates regularly. Again, the system works!


I trust you’ll make the most of 2015. And if there is anything I can do to help, let me know 🙂 🙂


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